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Marriage Counseling and Therapy in Madison, WI

Helf Counseling Services is dedicated to helping couples in the Madison area improve the quality and satisfaction in their marital relationship through marriage therapy and couples counseling. With more than 30 years of private practice experience with couples, mentoring aspiring therapists at the University of Wisconsin, and training with nationally known experts on the cutting-edge of marriage therapy, John Helf, LCSW will help you better understand your underlying marital issues and improve your marital commitment.

Helf Counseling Services provides couples treatment for communication and conflict issues and individual treatment for interpersonal issues, depression and anxiety


  • 30 years of private practice helping couples in all stages of their relationships, including pre-marital,
    married, separation and divorce
  • Treatment areas include infidelity, commitment, intimacy, financial management, parenting, marriage/work balance, spirituality, shared decision making and division of labor at home
  • Works with individuals and couples to improve communication, develop conflict resolution skills and create a greater sense of intimacy as part of a long-term plan to improve your relationship
  • Crisis intervention to deal with couples in acute distress
  • Helps couples understand and better cope with the different stages of marriage
  • Combines real world clinical experience with national academic training focused to help individuals improve their communication skills and problem solving skills
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Wisconsin
  • Supportive and interactive approach that encourages listening and understanding to foster hope for those feeling stuck in their relationship
  • Independent marriage therapist offering a secure, confidential office environment
  • Conveniently located just 2 miles from West Towne Mall